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(L to R) Sarah Petrie, Ken Hoskins, Janet Hoskins

A sustainable transport innovator has showcased its unique electric bike to a national audience for the first time, thanks to an event in Dundee.

Some 15,000 Frisco “e-Bikes powered by the sun™” are set to be deployed globally by 2027 providing sustainable transport solutions including city centre contactless public hire opportunities, and green commuting or transfer options for employers or educational settings. 

Delegates at the recent Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP) demonstrator and showcase event for COP26 were able to find out more about the project which will create social enterprise employment opportunities.

Frisco e-Bikes™ have been created by cycling enthusiast and businessman Ken Hoskins and his wife Janet.  The bikes work in tandem with Frisco Solar Docks™ which are believed to be unique thanks to their green power source and lack of requirement to be connected to the electricity grid allowing them to be positioned in any location with minimal infrastructure and management.

Charities, including those which support people affected by issues of homelessness and transport poverty will benefit from the system due to donations forthcoming from hire revenue.

Following research involving universities and other organisations, as well as participation in the Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP) Accelerator programme, the company is now developing prototypes and working to secure additional pre-launch investment to kickstart a 12-month UK rollout process.

Commenting on the reaction to Frisco e-Bikes™ at the MSIP event, Ken Hoskins said: “We recognise that the MSIP facilities in Dundee offer a great opportunity for businesses like us which are developing sustainable transport and green energy solutions to develop and thrive.  This is an excellent location from where we can help to create local employment and provide innovative answers to help address the challenges of the climate emergency.”

Janet Hoskins added: “We are grateful to MSIP for all their help and support, and for the opportunity to be part of the MSIP event for COP26.  This enabled us to showcase the benefits of Frisco e-Bikes™ and Frisco Solar Docks™ to visitors, including potential users, employers, sponsors and investors.”

Sarah Petrie, Innovation Director and Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc said: “Frisco Projects participated in our inaugural MSIP Accelerator programme as it developed its innovative Frisco e-BikesTM and Frisco Solar DocksTM which were showcased at our recent demonstrator and showcase event. We continue to support the company, an innovator in sustainable mobility, and look forward to exploring further opportunities to support the company and showcase their products.”

Among those who gave a warm welcome to the innovation was stand visitor Niamh Johnston, a student at the University of Dundee, who added: “Frisco E Bikes would make daily life at university more manageable and less stressful.  I would use the bikes to commute to and from campus, allowing more time to study and less difficulty with getting study materials around the city, making university life a lot easier.”

To find out more, visit www.frisco-e-bikes-frisco-solar-docks.com

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