Pursuing Creative Arts Projects in Music, Photography, Painting and Handicrafts.

  • Being artistically minded we fully appreciate that it can be daunting to know how to turn your creative artistic aspirational Projects either in Music, Photography, Painting and Handicrafts into reality, which in itself can be a substantial Project to undertake.
  • Especially when you don’t have the time or the skills to manage the Project and neither do you want to pay for a Project Manager to be retained full time for the duration of the Project which could be in the region of 6 to 24 months.
  • That is where we can help, with the expertise and over 30 years of experience to help you realise the potential of your Creative Arts Project.
  • With packages at preferential rates that are flexible, with access to other specialist services to help you through the complexities of your Project.

If you have any improvements you want to make and challenges you are facing do contact us to see how Frisco Projects can help you.

The following video by GRAFFWERK [https://www.graffwerk.org/] gives an example of the type of project we can facilitate with partners:

Graffiti – GraffHQ – Shop Front (Director: Izzy Hoskins) (Photos by Ken Hoskins/Other)

Graffiti – GraffHQ (Director:Izzy Hoskins) – King Power Stadium (Photos by Ken Hoskins)


Graffiti – GRAFFWERK (Directors:Izzy Hoskins &Anthony Overend) – Bring the Paint Event (Photos by Ken Hoskins)

Graffiti – GRAFFWERK (Directors:Izzy Hoskins &Anthony Overend) – Various Projects

Birds in the wild (Photos by Ken Hoskins)

Landscapes (Photos by Ken Hoskins)

Nature Close ups (Photos by Ken Hoskins)

Animals (Photos by Ken Hoskins)

Plants (Photos by Ken Hoskins)

Boats (Photos by Ken Hoskins)

Buildings (Photos by Ken Hoskins)

Skylines (Photos by Ken Hoskins)

Art (By Colin Hoskins)

Art (By Janet Hoskins)


Handicraft (By Janet Hoskins)

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